With a view to support, strengthen, and improve the quality of elementary education in the state of Assam in compliance with the RTE, Act-2009, ONLINE APPLICATIONS are invited in prescribed format from the eligible candidates for the following posts under AXOM SARBA SIKSHA ABHIYAN for PART TIME INSTRUCTOR(Contractual) of (a) Art Education (b) Health and Physical Education (c) Work Education in selected Upper Primary schools on contractual basis.
The details of Advertisement including Eligibility Criteria, No. of vacancies for each districts, Age limit etc. can be downloaded from the below link.
The Date Of Submission of Online Application: 19.02.2013 to 28.02.2013
Steps for filling up online Application
A. Open the website www.ssaassam.gov.in
B. Click the link "Apply Online for Part Time Instructor(Contractual)
You should Print your submitted application after final submission. Reprint option is also available to print your application at a later time.
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(9 hour(s) ago), said
Physical instructoror job khini ki hol ssa r apunaluke kunubai kiba gom paaine baru

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(13 hour(s) ago), said
Lp pe birazz maan bhaio or bheno 27 ko resvb catgr tet hoga tøo!..ye feer dat changs....

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(22 hour(s) ago), said
Thank you sir

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(1 day(s) ago), said
Makshuda admit ketiya dibo

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(1 day(s) ago), said
According to education minister owned channel "NEWS LIVE", SC/ST Assamese medium TET will be held on 25.05.2014

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(1 day(s) ago), said
st/sc tet ketia hbo..

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Jadab Borpatra
(1 day(s) ago), said
Congress jindabad, Himanta Biswasarmah jindabad. CM huatu bicharu.

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(1 day(s) ago), said
Education Minister jindabad

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Biky...from nagaon
(1 day(s) ago), said
M.R Himanta biswashama is a bloddy broker...and with he is an fols lexarar.. Ok guies l.p tet not behold in Assam.

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Rupak Saha
(1 day(s) ago), said
This an unauthorized FAL2 site.. Any information given in this site is totally cheat.. TET for assamese medium will not be held on the date given by this site. Dear manager of this site can you please take your cheat site down?

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(1 day(s) ago), said
Ab ki barodi sarkar

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(1 day(s) ago), said
kela 24 tarikhe mur pisbela major exam ase...atia koyse j 25 ot tet exam hobo ...moy pis bela exam di majulir pora jorhat kene k jam..

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(1 day(s) ago), said
কংগ্ৰেছ চৰকাৰে পুনৰ টেট পৰীক্ষা পিছুৱাই দিলে । 27/04/2014ৰ পৰা এতিয়া 25/05/2014 পালেগৈ । গতিকে সমোহ পৰীক্ষাঠিক এই কংগ্ৰেছ চৰকাৰৰ এনে সিদ্ধান্তৰ বাবে উচিত ফল দিবলৈ আহান জনালো । VOT FOR BJP,VOT FOR MODI

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(2 day(s) ago), said
Pls prepare for BJP tet exam.

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(2 day(s) ago), said
Nikita tmhara nai hoga don't hope

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(2 day(s) ago), said
1K garl frend chahiay my cont= 09862998310

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(2 day(s) ago), said
1K Garl frend chahiay. my cont = 08486974912

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hiramon langthasa
(2 day(s) ago), said
sc/st postpond due to somo unavoidable reason. U chake 12 april assamtribune. My number n cont us 9954760089. Thn u.

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Must Read.
(2 day(s) ago), said
Sish katte FOUJI dekha,
Aankh dikhata PAKISTAN
Vao girata Rupiya dekha,
Jan guwata KISHAN,
Beheno ki lutti izzat,
kam khojta Nau JUWAN,

Gudamo me anya h sarata,
bhukha marta HINDUSTAN,
Fir v kahte he kuch murkh log
Ho raha Bharat Nirman

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(2 day(s) ago), said
111marks mei milegi kiya 2nd list silchar mei friends . meri tet or h.s milake 111 hei..muje milegi 2nd lst mei

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(2 day(s) ago), said
This forum is DESTROYED

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(3 day(s) ago), said
DADA EBONG BONERA ONUGRAHA KORE SUNUN case egu pending 9 may next judgement oibo. Case no. Diya guwahati high court ER WEBSITE O search korle e sob case detail pawa jay. AR AMAR MONE HOY JE ETATH KUNU STAY HOITO NA BUT ABOBE 45 ER PAWAR CHANCE ASE KARON JE TARA TET PASS KORSE AAR TET DEWAR SOMOY KUNU AGE limit koisa na pore koise.100-200 above 45 candidate er lagi sober chakri kunu din e stay kora oito na darun above 45 re o amrar loge chakri dewar order dite pare HC a.AMAR MATH OISE SOBE PAITAY .AR PAIBAY o sobe with in march 15.

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(3 day(s) ago), said
Hi Sangeeta mam, apunalukor big matha, so apuni 25 may loi bhalkoi preperation kori thakok.

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(3 day(s) ago), said
Oi kum toy ki amak murkha buli bhaviso neki .tok kone koise 27 april exam . Howa buli news paper porhibo jonone najano .ane fake news nidibi exam. 25 may loi postpone korise news live chnnl r tolot di ase.

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(3 day(s) ago), said
Sc/st tet 27 April.

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