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  • Goutam : mr. Honey , apunak snap to pathiai dichu chai labo.
  • anil12 : eaat misa koi ki love hb ha ..ane u dui adinte result dibo fixed
  • Honey : news channel and news paper nijor popularity aaniboloi ji kunu khobor prokakh Kore. ketiyaba misa khoboru Danger Danger background music play kori and Danger fake photo Add kori news prokakh kora hoi...just popularity r baabe....... ..... ., news r kotha imaan believe koribo nuari...
  • 1210 : Friends xokoloi eta anurudh je tet forum at keitaman dalal xumai ase. Xihote bohut jonatu dekhuai thake. Sabadhan, xihotok biswas korile xokolu pando.
  • Probinsir : Hahaha....e2 sage jua bosor h.s pass kra lora he krne benga bengi kotha koey ase amr nisina mature nhoi...upangot e sakori pale j
  • Goutam : Hay Mr. Honey, mur xei news to capture kari rakha ache.. Apunar lage jadi whatsapp number to diyak.

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