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  • RDeka : Bhogobane hokoluke soku meli sai hoi jonaba Anil.....
  • anil12 : kali loi lst hearing ...kune jike thik nai...govt + dept a duitar jar lgt he a jikibo...kin2 asol result kali pam
  • jadoo345 : Tetforum tuo ajikali kiba vote campàigning forum type he anubhav hoise aru!!!!!!!! NB:- moi bjp agp ba congress karure agent nohoi........bondhu xokole jen dai dokh nodhore....
  • RDeka : Congrs sorkaror eta dangor har st sc k kora protarona.....etiau tym ase nijor vul hudhoroni korar sorkaror....
  • basanta99 : Bjp k vot dim kintu tar agate himantr lgt sukti hba lagiba je teolukr sarkar ahile hakalu sc/st tet pasak nijukti diba,
  • Gyandeep : Dear frainds plz vote for bjp and ask your frainds to do the same and let them ask to encourage other peoples to do that and make them win.