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  • Mondol : Any from nagaon dist applying for Jorhat in this recent adv
  • ajoynagaon : All frnd xunkale sobei ke add hoboloi jonai asu. Future or katha ase. ......number Di diso. Lagile share korok karon sobei tu tetform ot nai. ..9127222709
  • ajoynagaon : Mur whatsapp number hol 9127222709 .....fresh candidate ar karone khula hoise. Time hoi gol sobei mili pelai himanta sir tat jabo lagibo. Nohole sakri nidiye. .......
  • kempi : 7578035117 mur WhatsApp nmbr . Ajoynagaon tumr WhatsApp nmbr diya
  • ajoynagaon : Non de ld submit nohoi. Moi apply korisilo. Number diyok whatsapp khulim. Hbs sir or tat sobei mili pelai jabo lagibo. Request koribo lagibo.
  • ajoynagaon : Amak regular nidiye. Contractual ketia dibo. Nohole amar tet certificate or ki hobo. Whatsapp khulim. Contact or babe. Iyat number diyok. .
  • ajoynagaon : Fresh candidate bilake whatsapp khulibo lage. Ami sobei mili pelai himanta sir or tat jow. ...
  • bijoygogoi : Cachar aaru Hailakandir 2013 r UP A/T permanent appoinment r final merit list keikhon kunubai kindly dib parib neki? pls. send to -
  • rupamdeuri31 : Moi aji apply krisilu kintu submit nohol.karon non d el. Ed candidat accept kora nai. Amr sc st candidate ekgut hoi ulai ahi alusona karibor hol .nohole amr jibonr hoite himanta dangoriyai hodai bhobisyateu khela kari thakibo.
  • aus06 : While updating application in website link we can find CTET.. My friend is CTET qualified and B.ed, can she apply?
  • aus06 : You should proceed and apply
  • Rajesh2016 : What happen to 43+ age Contractual TET teacher already they have completed 4 years of job , apply koribo paribone age con donation etc. kiba info pale janabo!!!
  • aus06 : Whether CTET allowed? In application linkn CTET is provided, if anyone know pls update
  • kempi : Non d.el.ed candidates submit hoisehne
  • aus06 : Tet is mandatory for teaching job..... Lp/up deled....Bed must along will pass marks card of tet
  • aus06 : Beyonce, your question is a bouncer......suddenly dropped from,,,,? Tet us mandatory.....please read all possible decides and posts and tet history