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15,000 new contractul appoinment
-ogip replied 6 hour(s) ago
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  • ogip : nohoy march 2017 vitorat aaru 15,000 contractual lp appoinment after dled relaxation
  • DASGK : march 2018 r vitorot 13,000 lp contractual postot d.el.ed 3 years relaxation order kendrar pora powar pisot apoint koribo sc/st&medium tet pass korasokolok. HBS e bidhan sovat koise.
  • shorif : High school provincialised huwa school or otirikto huwa teacher sakolor karone kunubai janene??education minister e choku dbone??
  • Kumm : 10,000 post ek mahor vitorot Dibo.
  • Kumm : 10,000 post 1 mahor vitorot Dino.
  • Babu12 : No new tet appointment till 31 march 2017
  • Babu12 : No new appointment till three month
  • MT2530 : পুৰণা বিলাকৰে Appointment দিয়া হওকচোন। তাৰ পিছত NEW TETৰ কথা ভাাবিম।
  • 51578 : @Nitali, 10,000 contractual k regular kora hobo, ei 10,000 post fresh candidate r karone nohoi
  • Nitali : New 10000 post je dib taat fresh candidate chance paab ne nai kunubai jana neki?
  • bishnuchetri360 : KB hoga appointment...KB milega job....KB paraenge boccho ko....ankhe var aayi hai certificate dekh dekh k.....iss bar toh naam nahi aaya ..PR umeed hai jald hi list mei naam ayega..
  • BoroAnjan : Raize konobai gorom bandhar class korib order paise ne? Mok Head Master sir a order dise from 1st july to 11th July.
  • juro97531 : Finlly, we are relised that there are no hope no chance to give opportunities to our 'st' catogories. We are fully neglected according to final selection list by new state govt.
  • 51578 : @ BoroAnjan only undertaking column tur printout holei hol gutei page tur printout nalage. Undertaking column tu ms word t bonai printout dilei hobo
  • BoroAnjan : Dear friends "New Pension Rule" or babe undertaking submit korib lagib along with appointment letter. Understanding or babe kiba belag form lagib neki? Ne last pages duta print out dilei hb?
  • 162732 : moi dia messes tur uparat kuneo comments dia nai je tar mane sarkare ji dhorone appoinment di ase tat akmot no.